Monday, October 31, 2005

Fat Whacker vs The Dude Video Podcast

This video podcast features a match from Cornchip Christmas: Greg The Dude vs. Fat Whacker. Waldo Corniford provides play-by-play, and Paul Schiavone does color commentary.

This was featured previously on the last WeBleed4Real audio podcast, but this is the complete video. As you can tell, the video 'action' does not exactly do justice to the superb commentary.

I was too lazy to get an audio podcast out this week. Maybe next time, but enjoy this for now.

In other news, is saying that Christian has quit. If Mr. Jay Reso is at all interested in joining the WB4R team, he is always welcome.

On an unrelated note, I guess the Eagles are learning that you can't pull a victory out of your ass EVERY week. Let's hope they get their act together with some upcoming pivotal NFC East division games.

We almost broke 100 'readers' according to our Feedburner stats this past week. Keep subscribing fans!

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Spoonman!

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Anonymous said...

Look for more wrestling at this site called The Adventures of Phoebe the Cat and Friends.

Subscribe to the podcast as well!