Sunday, October 23, 2005

Wow...what a finish!

So living here in Oklahoma isn't the most ideal situation for an Eagles fan. I get home this afternoon, and turn on CBS hoping to get Eagles vs. Chargers, but nope. We get Steelers vs. Bengals. Such is life without DirectTV or Cable or whatever.

That's why I just went to do work on the computer and just keep tabs on the game through ESPN's GameCast. The Eagles were trailing but had the ball with some minutes to spare. I looked at the scoreboard and the Steelers/Bengals game was a final, so I went back to the tube and WOO HOO...bonus Eagles coverage on CBS!

Eagles looked in trouble. 4th and 1 and McNabb....passes?!? Incomplete?!? MOTHERF*CKER!!!!!!

Why do you pass with only 1 yard to go? Surely Westbrook can pick up that yard? That should have been the bonehead play of the year.

Chargers come back and get some decent yardage. Well within field goal range. Here comes Chargers kicker, Nate Kaeding. CBS is nice enough to splash across the screen to remind fans that he has not missed a kick this whole year. Eagles fans head for the exit. I'm ready to turn the TV off as well...

The kick is up.....and it's BLOCKED?!? Matt Ware picks it up! He...GOES...ALL...THE...WAY...TOUCHDOWNNNNN!!!!!

How often does that happen?!? Apparently according to Eagles team history, it never has...'til today.

Can you feel it? It's destiny calling. The race for the NFC East looks like it's going to be a wild and fun ride.

We'll be back to wrestling next time.

P.S. - Oh yeah, the Cowboys lost today, so F' YOU, SLABBY!!!

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cinemafreak said...

Guys. This is a touch of brilliance. Lower budget than, but just as good. Fun stuff. One of my Favorite vidcasts. Not the stupid wrestling where people nearly kill each other with weedwackers, but still better than what ol'e Vinne Mac puts on WWE.

Keep it up.