Thursday, October 13, 2005

NJHC, coming soon to your iPod!

Yes, if you're one of the lucky WeBleed4Real Podcast fans to get a hold of one of the new iPods with video, then you will soon be able to WATCH podcasts of your favorite NJHC/WWF matches in the palm of your hands wherever you go!

I know Spoonman was in the market to buy a new iPod. And with his compulsive spending habits, you know he's going to run to the local Apple retail store next week and pick up one or two.

Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, yesterday mentioned that you can purchase episodes of 'Lost' and 'Desperate Housewives' for $1.99 from the iTunes Music Store. He neglected that the music store will be also featuring matches from NJHC/WWF pay-per-views that can be downloaded for FREE! Insiders say that Jobs intentionally did not mention the WeBleed4Real Podcasts so as not to hurt sales for the Disney/ABC TV shows.

"So when is the next WB4R podcast?", fans have been wondering. Your host is working on editing the first audio podcast of a full-length NJHC/WWF match. Stay tuned...or should i say stay iTuned?

Other news this week includes the 'firing' of good ol' J.R., Jim Ross. No wonder he was in such a lousy mood when we tried to interview him for our last WB4R podcast. We wish him good riddance if this is true that he will no longer be announcer. We were sick of hearing him and seeing his ugly crooked Okie ass-face. Bring in Joey Styles, or Paul Schiavone. great it would have been if Waldo Corniford was the RAW play-by-play guy. We miss you, Marcus. We'll pay some more tribute to you in the upcoming weeks.

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Gary Herman said...

I can't wait. I'm excited. I've been a big fan for many, many years. This rock 'em sock 'em promotion has been drawing millions of fans for over 10 years.

The blood? Real.
The wrestling? Real.
The angles? Dark & twisted.

Don't miss this. You'll never be the same.

That is all.