Monday, October 17, 2005

SkullMaster vs The Dude VIDEO Podcast

This is the first-ever video podcast of a full-length wrestling match featuring the WWF champion Skullmaster taking on Greg The Dude in a tournament to determine the Undisputed NJHC/WWF champion. This comes from the NJHC Season Finale.

The Ivy Leaguer is also featured giving medical advice to The Dude during the pre-match segment. Also of note is the "Blair Witch Project"-style camera work.

This is a Quicktime movie with the H.264 video codec. And yes, it is compatible with the new video iPods!

It is highly recommended that you view video podcasts through iTunes 6 and have Quicktime Player 7 installed.

iTunes 6 can be downloaded for free here:

Quicktime 7 can be downloaded for free here:

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