Sunday, November 13, 2005

WB4R honors Eddie Guerrero

We at the WeBleed4Real Podcast are saddened by the news of the passing of former WWE Champion, Eddie Guerrero. In a time where wrestling isn't the most fun thing to watch, Eddie Guerrero was a performer who always gave at least 100 percent while he was in the ring and on TV.
It's been over 6 years since another of our favorites, Owen Hart, passed away. Even more heartbreaking was the loss of our good friend, Marcus, almost 3 years ago. Why is it too often "the good ones" that seem to leave us to soon?

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Ivy Leaguer vs Dark One part deux

The exciting conclusion of The Ivy Leaguer vs. The Dark One match from War at the Shore. Will Sensational Shannon get involved? What's a dog doing in this match?!? Witness the controversial ending to this match for the Wildwood Wrestling Federation Championship.

This video is just a hair over 10 minutes long and is a 26.6 MB Quicktime H.264 movie download. Enjoy and share your comments.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Does The Ivy Leaguer = Ratings?!?

We'd like to thank all the WeBleed4Real fans for putting us over the century mark for the first time according to our stats.

Many attribute this huge ratings spike to the last video podcast featuring Part One of the classic Ivy Leaguer vs. Dark One beach match from War at the Shore. We'll see if fans can top that with next week's exciting and shocking conclusion to that match.

Here's an email from a loyal WB4R fan named Rich:
"Guys, I love the product. Amazing. I got a couple guys at work turned onto it too....Thanks again from a fan that has been lost by the WWE."

We also were given the distinction of a 5-Star Award from Podspider. Not exactly sure how prestigious this is, but hey we'll take it. They have some podcatching software as well, so check them out if you want. Or if they just send this award out to anyone who's podcasting in an attempt to just shamelessly promote their product, then screw 'em.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ivy Leaguer vs Dark One pt1

Surprise! Here's another video podcast of another NJHC/WWF match!

This classic match from War at the Shore features the first of the many battles between The Ivy Leaguer and The Dark One. This one was for the Wildwood Wrestling Federation Championship and was on the beach! Witness the first half of this match exclusively on the WB4R podcast!

Was The Dark One able to overcome The Ivy Leaguer along with the Sensational Shannon and a crooked referee?!? Tune in to find out!

On commentary are The Dude and "Mr. Sunday Night" Hardcore Herman. This match was one of the longer ones, so we'll be podcasting the 1st half this week and then the exciting conclusion next week!

We recommend viewing the match with iTunes 6 and Quicktime 7. You can find links to these free programs from our blog/website: