Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ivy Leaguer vs Dark One pt1

Surprise! Here's another video podcast of another NJHC/WWF match!

This classic match from War at the Shore features the first of the many battles between The Ivy Leaguer and The Dark One. This one was for the Wildwood Wrestling Federation Championship and was on the beach! Witness the first half of this match exclusively on the WB4R podcast!

Was The Dark One able to overcome The Ivy Leaguer along with the Sensational Shannon and a crooked referee?!? Tune in to find out!

On commentary are The Dude and "Mr. Sunday Night" Hardcore Herman. This match was one of the longer ones, so we'll be podcasting the 1st half this week and then the exciting conclusion next week!

We recommend viewing the match with iTunes 6 and Quicktime 7. You can find links to these free programs from our blog/website:

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