Wednesday, October 19, 2005

SkullMaster vs Dude VIDEO v.2

This is version 2 of SkullMaster vs. The Dude. I'm experimenting with video file formats. This is exported from iMovie/Quicktime Pro using the new "Export to iPod" option.

Here are differences I noticed from the Quicktime H.264 version of the same movie:

1. It sized it to 320 x 213 instead of 320 x 240.
2. The file size came out to 20 MB, where the first version was just under 10 MB
3. The data rate was 680.75 kbits/sec compared to 337.17 kbits/sec, so that was likely a factor in the difference in file size.
4. The video quality is better likely because of the data rate
5. Apparently this .m4v file extension's default application opens up iTunes automatically and copies to your iTunes Library. I don't think you can play it within your browser like the other Quicktime formats, which isn't cool to me.

Let your podcast host know which file format you like better, as we try to figure out what works best for loyal viewers.

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