Monday, June 19, 2006

YouTube-Mania runnin' wild!!!

Ah...the beauties of

I was able to get my ECW One Night Stand fix via those loveable users on YouTube. If you search hard enough, you'll probably be able to find them. I'll probably do a podcast soon sharing my thoughts on the PPV.

Meanwhile, I've discovered a couple gems from YouTube that I'd like to share (at least until they probably get yanked!). The first playlist here features the highlights of the 1997 WWF SLAMMY AWARDS. The first video features Mankind's infamous acceptance speech for "Loosest Screw". Not only is his speech HIGH-larious, but Paul Bearer's comments on Sunny are awesome as well (We love it when they break KAYFABE!!!!!). The second video features Owen Hart (Greatest Wrestler EVER!!!) accepting his unprecedented 2nd SLAMMY Award. And finally we have another late great in Brian Pillman. Not as good as the first two videos, but funny how he busts Austin 3:16 for being blasphemous.

And then we have here the WeBleed4Real's contributions to YouTube.

"Damn did that suck, were you guys even trying? Seriously, you make me and my friends look pretty good when compared to you"
- Solidus87

"When are you idiots going to kill yourselves?? oh wait... you actually have to do wrestling move to actually get hurt.. damn you guys suck so bad you will probably do this crap FOREVER. BOOO!!"
- CreepX

"Haha! Now that...was craptacular! WeSuck4Real!! Holy Sh.."
- KingEstevez

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