Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Congratulations to the Stanley Cup Champs

Those of you who have tried watching the Slammy Award footage from YouTube that I posted below, don't bother anymore. It appears those fuckers suspended the account of the dude who posted those videos for violating WWE copyrights. Oh well...

On an unrelated note, congratulations to the Hartford Whalers on winning the Stanley Cup last week. What the hell is hockey doing in the carolinas anyway?!? I must commend former Philadelphia Flyer, Rod Brind'Amour on finally sipping from the Cup. A shame he didn't get it while he was in Philly.

Speaking of hockey...here's a gem found on YouTube.com which I doubt will get pulled in the near future, but of course you never know. It comes from the movie, "Swingers", and features NHL HOCKEY on the SEGA GENESIS. Actually I think it was really NHLPA '93. Vince Vaughn says they took out fighting in the game but let you knock a guy out and make 'em bleed. I'm pretty sure they took out both fighting and blood in NHL 94, but fighting and blood were all a part of NHLPA 93. Oh well, who gives a shit. It's still one of the greatest scenes in a movie ever.

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