Thursday, December 29, 2005

We've got people talking

So I go to this to see if anyone is actually linking to the ol'

I was surprised to see this entry from a blog called the oh five where the guy brags about how he just dropped $400 on a video iPod (this was back in October), and he's bitching about how he doesn't have any video content to download, except for The Suicide Girls and some "bad backyard wrestling". OUCH!

Apparently he wasn't thrilled about the Skullmaster vs. Greg The Dude match.

Well, we are going to show them. We're going to kick off the new year with a fact...a MARIO PARTY!

That's right. Arguably the greatest WWF/NJHC PPV, MARIO PARTY will be the content of the next series of video podcasts.

2006 is going to start off with HardCore Herman vs. The Ivy Leaguer in a CAMBRIDGE STREET FIGHT (where the loser is reduced to a bloody pulp)!

Stay iTuned...

1 comment:

Alvin said...

i'll be eagerly waiting for the HardCore Herman vs. The Ivy Leaguer match. i really do hope you "show me", because while although i retired from watching wrestling a few years ago (the day after wrestlemania came to seattle) i have been looking for an excuse to get back into it. i'll be sure to download more matches on the ipod i bragged so much about.