Monday, January 02, 2006

WB4R breaks into iTunes Top 100....sorta

So I check our podcasts feed stats at to see if the Cambridge Street Fight popped some ratings, and sure enough we reached a record high of subscribers. This contributes to the theory that The Ivy Leaguer=RATINGS. We expect the number of subscribers to increase even more tomorrow when people go back to work, and the anticipated video podcast premiere of Grace Cornchip vs. Spoonman.

If you go to the iTunes Music Store Top 100 podcasts, you'll notice that they recently made it possible to search for Top 100 podcasts in various categories like Sports, Talk Radio, Technology, etc.

We're currently listed in the Arts & Entertainment section, and yes if you scroll down all the way to the bottom of the Top 100, we're ranked #95!! We are more popular than Allure Magazine and CBS Soap Box, SUCKAS!!!!

So who's #1 now? Well it's this animated video podcast called Happy Tree Friends that includes these cute cuddly characters who beat the shit out of each other. In fact, they're not just #1 in Arts & Entertainment, they're #1 overall. They're pretty funny, so congratulations to them.

However, the #2 podcast in Arts & Entertainment is this piece of crap GQ podcast. They have a total of 1 episode and has no business being where it's at. It's not art. It's not entertaining. It's a bunch of stupid clips of so-called celebrities kissing GQ's ass for some reason. Sure, we would be #2 as well if we used a topless Jennifer Aniston for our podcast artwork, but we decide to take the high road and show the back of a certain chalky redhead.

Anyway, it's not like we live for these rankings. But we do appreciate your audience, and look forward to entertaining you more in the new year.

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