Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Where's my WB4R podcast?

A lot of fans have been wondering where this week's WB4R podcast is. The promised video podcast will likely be delayed as your host, good ol' S.M. is going to be in Chicago (Ooohhh....WHAT A RRRUUUSSSHHH!!!!!) for the next 3 days.

On top of that, as much as I love the iTunes Music Store for supporting podcasts, I have to say WTF is taking so long to publish our podcast?!? I know my brother got his podcast published within a week of submitting his feed. I go back to the iTMS and when I resubmit the feed, all it says is: "The feed has already been submitted." OK? But am I rejected?!? Is it because I have another podcast? Is it because I said FUCK about 12 times on the last podcast? Do they have a problem with me playing all the music? First of all, I usually don't play the songs in their entirety, and when I do play them, I usually sing over them. If I don't hear anything soon, I may try changing hosts to try to "trick" the reviewers into publishing the podcast. I've already tried creating a new feed, but somehow the iTMS recognized it was the same thing and said that feed was already submitted.

What do you fans think?

By the way, you can listen to us and vote for us on podcastalley.com. Just do a search for wrestling, and you should see us at like number 16 on the search results page.

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